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    help with causative and passive tenses.....

    Hello, I'm new here; I just registered today. This is an interesting situation that I have. English is my native language, so I don't need help learning it. I understand the basic parts of English grammar ; however when the more complicated aspects of English are introduced, I become really confused and don't understand how to apply them nor do I understand how they function at all.

    I do need help learning how the different parts of English grammar function and how they're used. Here's why. I've been studying Japanese via self-study for the past two years.

    When I study parts of Japanese grammar they refer to parts of English grammar to help teach me the Japanese grammar. As a result I have to learn how the grammar is used in English because if I can't understand and apply the grammar in my native language, then there is no way I'm going to be able to apply this grammar to learning grammar in a new language. Essentially I'm learning grammar in two different languages simultaneously.

    The problem is that I haven't studied grammar since I was in elementary school; this was 16 years ago when I was nine; I'm 25 now. As a result with most grammar that is introduced, I don't understand it, nor do I know how it's used in English. Most of the definitions that I find that explain how a part of grammar is used in English don't help at all. The reason is because they use all these grammatical terminologies and give overcomplicated definitions. This makes things even more confusing then they were initially, and I become more confused trying to understand how they're used.

    If anybody is familiar with causative and passive tenses, then I could really use help with this. I did look up the definitions for what causative and passive tenses are, however I still don't understand how they function in regards to constructing sentences and how they're used.

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    Re: help with causative and passive tenses.....

    Essence of eclectic,
    A book that you might look at is "Basic English Grammar," by Betty Schrampfer Azar, and published by Preentice Hall/Regents. It will get you started. BTW, there is no causative or passive tense in English - there are only present and past tenses, and those terms have to do with how the verb sounds or is spelt.
    You certainly have no problem writing your language. Good luck!

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