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    Usage of see and bottom

    See the bottom of this thread.

    I have two questions on the sentence above.

    1) Can I use see in imperative sentences in the sense as in above sentence? Or should I use other verbs like look or may be read?
    2) Does it mean that I have to scroll down to the bottom of the thread and read what's there?

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    Re: Usage of see and bottom

    1) Yes, but note that this is a convention for referring readers to sections of a book or other written material; it is not for daily conversational use when pointing out objects of interest!

    2) Yes.

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    Re: Usage of see and bottom

    Underlines the advantage of the printed page over the computer screen - you only need to shift your eyes to the bottom of the page to read the text, a metter of a second rather than waiting for the page on the screen to scroll down to the right point [which it probably won't do, because it will get to the next page before you can stop it!]


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