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    Could you correct my mistakes in this text, please? Thank you... I need it soon!

    When we made our entrance in that world, that transition world between two other completely different ones, another page of our life was turned. The period between childhood and adulthood was that particular part of our lives during which our feelings were mixed up, where life seemed pink or dark. Indeed, adolescence, that period so dreaded by parents although they had already traveled the same road, is characterized by that emotional game and by high school.
    My beginnings in that new world seemed to be uncertain. Hesitating between two programs, I finally opted, for the IBO one wishing discover every piece of earth that carried our planet, Earth. However, that choice took on a risky character: indeed, I didn’t even know a single person who enlisted (registered) us in that section. Then, I decided to learn from that situation to discover my real personality.
    Never since the very first minutes of my high school journey have I felt blue through my decision. Every day was full of surprises. Not one was like any other. Briefly, the word "routine" didn’t have any logical meaning during those couple of years, which passed so quickly that it was impossible to appreciate their real and entire value. I felt so many feelings with that group, who was part of me for around fifty months, I lived so many different and enriching adventures that I could never forget because they contributed to the human being I am today!
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