today, people are face with complex and challenging live. when we observe around, too many problem occur cause from economic down, the raise of grocery prices, raise of petrol price, personal problem and problem at workplace. this all things can make all people down in stress disease. Stress is a phenomenon in various dimension which is stress is normal part of our life. In small quantities, stress is good. It can motivate and help be more productive. However, too much stress, or strong response to stress, is harmful. The word of stress come from Latin “emover” that means move, happiness, and anger. Today, the words of emotion use to express the subjective experience like love, anger, shy, hate, and other. Kamus Dewan Bahasa 1994 define as a hard soul of our feeling such as sad, anger, and many more. Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary (1995) said that emotion as a hard feeling and have various types like love, hilarity, hate, afraid, jealousy, happiness or something that disruption in our feeling. Whereas, The Oxford Dictionary of Current English (1986) define that emotion as a hard feeling from inside especially from mental or soul, like love and fearful.

Stress can come from any situation or thought that make our feel frustrated, angry or anxious. It can set up for general poor health as well as specific physical or psychological illnesses like infection, health disease or depression. Persistence and unrelenting stress often leads to anxiety and healthy behaviors like overacting and abuse alcohols or drug. In term of physic, stress define as a tight or pressure in any system and body cell, it is a chemical response which is outcome from outside pressure process. However, in the book say that stress is a manifestation from body-mind system that can be expected, causes from outside and inside pressure that if it continuously every time will giving bad impact and disease to the individual. Stress can cause mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. It can contribute to physical health problems such as high blood pressure and stomach ulcer.

Huclock (1973) said that emotion diseases also must be view its life effect from individual, community and country. Disruption and high emotional stress or continuously which is can influence our attitudes and behavior and it also can influence our psychological, value, and abilities to explore. Erikson (1968) found that on human body has critical impact to influence their emotion. Piaget (1950) opinion that cognitive domain and its impact can influence the human intellectual development then our emotion though perception, learning, and remembrance. In ethics and cognitive development theory from Pery (1970) found that emotion in human body have influence by self value system and commitment in their life. Kholberg (1969) explain that our cognitive development can make somebody toward advancement of decision making and moral.

Emotion can make human define ourselves, other people and its ability to help interact with people around their life that means, emotion can build our community surrounding. The abilities of human brain to interpret all thinking and action that it can be individual to know and identify the emotions. Automatically we know and feel when we in stress, happy, scare, tire and many more. The abilities to understand our own emotions are basic neutral abilities. Abnormal, if individual can’t reflect and differentiate the situation that needs the emotional changes. The emotional intelligence can be improvement by motivate ourselves. Directly, we can build the stable and balancing emotion if something bad occur. Although, many people outside still using other people to motivate their emotion. Its very important in order to get the confident. Thus, in emotional intelligence the individual should motivate their emotion especially stress to balance and stable in facing with various type of situation. For example, in our live, this problem always happens. For student, feel boring and concede will impact to them by less their confidential in emotion. If businessman, workers, manager and leader decrease emotional confidential will causes them with not interest and feel brave to take risk, solve problem, or brainstorming in their career.

The words of emotional intelligence firstly use by psychological Peter Salovey (Universiti Harvard) and John Mayer (Universiti New Hamspire) in 1990. Both of this psychological are pioneer in Emotional Intelligence. According from Mayer and Salovey (1993) said that emotional intelligence allow individual to think more creative and use it to solve problem. Sometime emotional intelligence will act by other intellectual. The Psychological of The emotional intelligence more concern about this since 1995 by Daniel Golemen. Its cause of aware of that only intellectual intelligence didn’t give or promise absolute successful. In working with Emotional Intelligence, Goleman (1998) explored the function of Emotional Intelligent on the job, and claimed EI to be the strongest predictor of success in the workplace.

Researcher investigate dimensions of Emotional Intelligent (EI) by measuring related concepts, such as social skill, interpersonal competence, psychological maturity and emotional awareness, long before the term “Emotional Intelligent” come in to use. Grade school teachers have been teaching the basic of emotional intelligent since 1978, with the development of the Self Science Curriculum and teaching of classes such as ‘social development’ , ‘social and emotional learning , and ‘personal intelligence’, all aimed at raising the level of social and emotional competence (Goleman, 1995) social scientists are just beginning to uncover the relationship of EI to other phenomenon, e.g. leadership (Ashforth and Humphery, 1995), group performance (Williams & Sternberg, 1988), individual performance, interpersonal and social exchange, managing change and conducting performance evaluations (Goleman, 1995).

The good and healthy body express from good thinking and calm emotion. Every people in this world have their own calm emotion, not anger, envious hatred, sad, jealous, and many more. The individual always be motivated, be patient, co-operate and kind. Many of the episodes we encounter in life are emotional for us, they bring joy, sadness, or perhaps anger or fear. We experience episodes that make us proud and episodes that inspire regret. The term affect, mood, and emotion are used interchangeably throughout much of the literature, without distinguishing between them (Batson, Shaw & Oleson). Emotion are specific and intense and are a reaction to a particular event (George & Brief, 1995 ; Frijda, 1987; Clark & Isen, 1982). Mayer and Salovey said that individual have own emotional intelligent expert in four domain which is identify, use, understand, and guard the emotion. This concept define that somebody have ability to explain or aware the emotion, use the emotion kindly, understanding their emotion and know how to guard their emotion that expected have emotional intelligent.

The concept of Emotional Intelligent (EI) is a wide concept and have related with consciousness in emotion and sense and how the sense can interact with emotional intelligent. Goleman said that 80 percent the successful of individual depend on their Emotional Intelligent (EI) in accordance with at least 20 percent depend on their IQ. This opinion is equal to this statement that we need more than the intellectual intelligent (IQ) to success in our life. Emotional intelligent (EQ) and intellectual intelligent not antipodes but both of this can interaction each other in real life. That why, both of them function located in both of hemisphere which is in right and left of our brain. Both of the hemisphere always cooperate each other to get the reflection of thinking and emotion effectively.

The consequence of not manage emotional careful and pressure of life can make individual should face with hard stress and pressure as long as world become small, human life have change that improve toward life full with sophisticated and human now not move more or just sitting at home every time because of momentum of affiliation succession. So, it will force individual to move and go anywhere just limited place. At the same time, world feel become challenge. So that, stress can arises to individual life. Individual should manage their life regulated nicely. Every human in our life have their own special intelligence or special skill. To solve the stress problem, individual should manage themselves by using emotional intelligence. From this, individual tend to decrease their stress level and increase their unique intellectual, Emotional Intelligence.