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    Hi, how are you,
    my question is so simple.What is the best way to pronounciate english correctly or in the best way?

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    Re: secretary

    In the name of the Merciful Allah,
    May peace be upon you, Abd-elwahed. You are so welcomed in this forum. Be sure to always keep in touch with teachers on the forum, asking about English. By the way, it's "English", not "english".You should write the first letter of names (of people, countries, languages,......) in English capitalized.
    For your question , I recommend this site for mastering pronunciation: - Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and much more. All you need to do is writing the word inside the box, in the top of page, and click on the button "Go". And so, another page involving more than one dictionary on this word is displayed. Two of these dictionaries provide an audio pronunciation of the word you asked. By clicking on an audio speaker icon like this: , you can hear the word pronounced. Along with this, almost every dictionary provides written symbols denotes the pronunciation of words, and a small guide for interpreting these symbols, which you can read by clicking on any of these symbols. Not to mention, you have to keep listening to English through radio and/or T.V programs.
    I don't have to remind you to avoid inappropriate stuff, for our religious teachings, produced on these programs or websites.
    One more thing, I'm not a teacher here.

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