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    present perfect question.

    When you say "He's gone home".

    Does that mean that:

    A. That person is still there.
    B. The person has already left ?

    My confusion lies in the fact that my handbook says "implying that he's still there" behind the above sentence.

    Yours sincerely,

    Ken Vanden Branden

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    Re: present perfect question.

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    Anyone ?

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    Re: present perfect question.

    Dear Kin,
    Generally speaking, the present perfect tense is used to describe
    An action completed at some unspecified past time. Such sentences may include words like just, already, recently.
    An action which began some time in the past and has continued to the moment of speaking. This type of sentences usually includes a time expression introduced by for or since.

    In this sense, the sentence, "he's gone home" means "he has already left ". The action of going home took place at some unspecified past time

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