Hey guys. I'm doing an unbiased study concerning whether students from the West Indies (Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, Barbados) who speak Patua or West Indian Creole receive speech and language OR ESL services. I am targeting those of you who are ESL teachers or Speech and Language therapists in particular. This would help GREATLY in my study and I would appreciate your involvement if you are, in fact, a professional in this field.
ESL Questionnaire
1. What population of students have you serviced more frequently (i.e. nationality)?

2. What languages do you speak, aside from English (if any)?

3. What are the criteria for being eligible to receive ELL services?

4. What are the most popular exercises that you use to address speech delays in students who are adapting to the English language?

5. Do you have experience working with students from the West Indies (i.e. Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados)?

___ Yes ____ No

6 a. If you answered yes to Question 5, what are the more frequent speech and language characteristics observed in this population of students?

6 b. If you answered no to Question 5, do you think you will ever be assigned a student from the West Indies? Why?

7. Are you familiar with the West Indian Patua or Creole dialect?

____ Yes ____ No

8. Would you liken this dialect to a second language? If not, what is your personal view on this dialect? ____ Yes ____ No

9. Do you feel that students who speak primarily in this dialect should receive ESL services? Why? _____ Yes ____ No

Thank you for your contribution to my study! J