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    I would like to know if in the UK and in the other speaking countries people get money when they retire even if they have worked less than 20 years throughout their life.
    In Italy you have to work at least 20 years otherwise you won t get anything. they will give you some money when you are 65 because you are old but not because you have worked.
    A friend of mine has worked in the UK just one year when she was 20. Then she came back to Italy and she just worked that one year in England. Now that she is old she gets a little sum of money because she worked one year.
    If she had worked just one year in Italy she wouldn t have had any money at all because of his work.
    How does it work basically in the UK and English speaking country?

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    Re: Money

    You may want to run a Google search on "social security". This may answer you questions for US.

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    Re: Money

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    Re: Money

    Quote Originally Posted by annaf
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    How does this pertain to the question?
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    Re: Money

    It doesn't. thanks- I have removed the spam.

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