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    another bizzare "UP"

    BBC Learning English | Talking business | Meetings: Agreeing and Disagreeing

    Sean:The office move, as you know, the plans have been up by the main exit for a week now.I just wanted to see what kind of feedback you’ve got.

    The sentence in red ink is simple but bizzare. Considering the context, is it true that The plans have been posted on a notice board which is by the main exit for a week?
    or The plans have been there for public attention by the main exit.......?
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    Re: another bizzare "UP"

    Your first guess is correct. And yes - it's bad writing.

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    Re: another bizzare "UP"

    Reminds me of the Vogons' notice at Alpha Centauri that our planet would be destroyed to make way for an interstellar expressway.

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