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    may/might and the modals - update

    For those interested in exploring the modal auxiliary verbs, a further instalment has been posted. See

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    Re: may/might and the modals - update

    I thought it advisable to do this post.
    I was right.
    You put time, effort, and thought into a post, and then find that it seems to disappear into some void - I certainly, as yet, have not seen it appear in New Posts.
    This has happened before, with a long post. Are they relegated to a 'delay' box for 'scrutiny' or...
    I'll give it 24 hours. After that, I'll pop in and do the occasional or but I'll be blowed*** if I'll put any sweat into this forum to see it disappear into a vacuum instead of a possible impetus to discussion.

    ***yeh, I do mean what comes to your mind, and honi soit to others.
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