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Thread: Be-be-be

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    Arrow Be-be-be

    Another grammar question; please explain.
    1)Is it possible to replace 'be' with 'is' in the sentence? And what sort of structre is it? Is it right to say: 'whether it be you or Kate, I would, in any event, ask to leave'.

    2) Does 'more or less common' mean 'very popular'?

    Whether it be English or any other language, there are mistakes that are more or less common.


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    Re: Be-be-be

    1. Yes. This use of the present subjunctive is an archaism reserved for rather formal discourse. 'Be' here is felt to have more stylistic 'gravitas' than the simple indicative.

    2. Well, 'common' and 'popular' are not really synonyms, since the latter is positive in sense and the former generally negative, but yes, you appear to have a correct basic understanding of its meaning.


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