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    will vs would

    who could give me a very simple but complete discussion (a source/link) so that i can teach my students the use of will vs would effectively... Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Re: will vs would

    I'm student from Panama

    Ok I think that the Modal expression will is very simple because is used to say something in the future for example:
    He will be there at 6:00pm

    Would is a little bit more complex because is the past of will so the same sentence above I can re-write such as: He would have been there at 6:00pm in case of definitively probability to stay there at 6:00pm. but its more common to say He could have been there at 6:00pm because is a propability and we are not sure what's kept him

    I can say would is a propability of an action in the future for example:
    Would you please pass the salt?
    I would like an apple, please

    would also can be used in the past as the example I posted above.


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