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Thread: take your fancy

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    take your fancy

    I need some help from a native speaker with the expression: take your fancy!
    I'd appreciate if someone could offer me a few possible meanings or a rephrasing of it. Thanks a lot! Charmelen

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    Re: take your fancy

    Would you understand if I said, "Take your pick/take your choice"?

    'fancy' is a feeling of liking or attraction, but one that is superficial, a whim** of the moment. The full sentence would be:
    "Take your choice/pick of whatever you fancy/what seems good to you right now".

    Instead of being strictly objective and saying, "Take your pick"/ "Choose which one",....... "take your fancy' is a light-hearted fun way of saying the same thing.

    ** whim: a sudden thought, idea, or desire, especially one based on impulse rather than reason or necessity
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