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    subject verb agreement with proper nouns?

    when I say
    the boy sets the table.
    this is singular noun, so it's sets (with an -s)

    however, when i say
    I set the table,
    it's also singular, but it's set (without the -s)

    and does anyone know which verbs to use when the noun is
    a name? or he/she?
    it seems like you can use both.


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    Re: subject verb agreement with proper nouns?

    Hi PolandSpring,

    I used to live not too far from there, by the way.

    Verbs agree with number and person.

    First person, singular: I set
    Second person, singular: You set
    Third person, singular: He sets

    First person, plural: We set
    Second person plural: You (all) set
    Third person, plural: They set

    As you can see, only the third person singular takes that "s" ending, but it's an important point to realize that I and you are singular as well.

    As for proper nouns, it depends if they are singular or plural.

    The Laker Girls set the hearts of many men racing.
    The Statue of Liberty sets the standard for large, green women.

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