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    What drama techniques do you use with children?

    Hello! I'm working on my Master's thesis concerning teaching English to children in different cultural contexts. I would be grateful to all of you who work with children and could help me, commenting on the following topic:

    Do you use drama techniques in the classroom? ....(yes/no)

    If so,what techniques? ( mark: always/often/sometimes/rarely/never)

    -warm-up exercises
    -miming and role-plays
    -song,chants and rhymes
    -puppets and prompts
    -costumes and characterization (eg. face painting)
    -plays and movies

    How do your students react to drama? What are their favourite activities?

    The name and location of the school you work in.........................

    Thank you very much for your contribution, it would help me a lot in my thesis!
    Happy Easter to everybody:)

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    Re: What drama techniques do you use with children?

    I'd suggest (below Grade 4) a well established, repetitive nursery story like the three little pigs, and let them "be the pig" or "be the wolf" to start. At higher ages, more sophisticated plays can be used.

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    Smile Re: What drama techniques do you use with children?

    Hi Hanna

    I replied to you in some detail on another forum. I don't think in that reply I mentioned Violin Spolin’s Improvisational Theatre Games, which are a good way to start. Although many of these do not use words they do help the students relax, encourage them to use their imagination and help them become more confident.

    Since yesterday I posted a full article on using drama with kids here:

    Benefits of Drama with Children

    And you are welcome to use the free play I give out on my ESL plays page in your research as a suitable example for beginners. (Be sure to quote the source that's all!)

    Bye for now

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