Hi ... I need some help with my Personal Statement... i really like it but I am a student from germany and it is hard to write down exactly what I mean in English. I am applying for Events Management in the area of London. My grades are not that good .. I made my Abitur 2008 with a C and I had a B in english!!I just spend the last year in the US to improve my english skills!
I hope you can help me a little bit ... thanks for any help....

April 7, 2009

My Personal Statement
Huge public events always fascinate me. I admire the people who have the opportunity to live a life with diversity and excitement. This is why I want to become a part of this business through studying Event Management at the University of East London.
It is my ambition to learn about the complete process and everything necessary to work in Event Management. I am especially interested in the necessary financial aspects, how to plan a variety of events and all the layers that needs to be managed during these events. While I was educating myself about the degree programme at this University, I realized that this is what I want to master. In addition to learning about Event Management, I want to seize the chance to study in English. I think this is a very important part of my education in order for me to be successful in this type of business. It will help me to obtain work at an international company and this is what I have set myself as a goal. However, I do not plan to wait until I have completed my education to utilize what I am learning. I am planning to start immediately applying what I am studying to an internship in order to combine practical and theory. It is important for me to show future employers that I am able to easily translate theory into practical work. Therefore, I decided to apply at the University of East London because offering a part-time study makes it possible to combine both and that fits perfectly my interests.
I understand to pursue this desire means I will have to give up my life in Germany and start over in a new country. I am willing to accept this challenge for the future I want. In addition, I have shown during this last year, as an au pair in the United States, that I can manage new challenges without any difficulty.
I have other qualities, which show that I am able to satisfy your requirements without any problems as well. My twelve years as a handball player have made me into a person who is able to work in a team but also given me the opportunity to step up as a leader when necessary. I worked for two years in a fast food restaurant during my school-time and there I learned to work hard and how to handle multiple diverse situations under pressure. I committed and dedicated to give one hundred and ten percent to follow my dream of becoming an Event Manager.
All of the above characteristics demonstrate why I am a good fit for studying at the University of East London.