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    Hi teachers,

    I can always hear people say,"love him/her to death".To my understanding,it is on the positive side and there is no implication of making someone to die. Does it imply that "love someone very much in lifetime till he/she die"?

    In the same logic,what about "sentence to death"? Does it mean "death penalty" or "life sentence"(keep he/she in prison till he/she die)?


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    Re: death

    (1) I think it means until I die (metaphorically speaking), not s/he, Amigo.

    (2) Different logic; this is not metaphor but cold hard fact. Sentenced to death is the death penalty: hanging, gas, lethal injection or the electric chair.

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    Re: death

    Got it. Thank you for your help.

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    Re: death

    If a joke has been done to death, it has been told so many times thatit is no longer funny.

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