Forever In a Sea of Kindergarteners
As I walked through the colorful hallway, I could hear screams bursting out of every classroom. Almost immediately, I saw images of my first year of school and remembered how excited I was for every new adventure that was about to unfold. I pictured the days of doing art projects with my hands; soaring through the air on the brand new swing set; laughing and smiling as I climbed off the bus to tell my mother just how well my school day had gone. Oh how I wanted to be back again but I knew the thought was just a simple dream with very little possibility of coming true.
Finally the moment I had been waiting for weeks had finally arrived. Gently I peeked my face into the classroom unsure of what exactly I would find. Slowly walking into the room, twenty hands were raised in the air and twenty sets of eyes were gleaming with excitement. With their eyes glued to the board all of the kids anxiously awaited to see who would be picked to answer the next question. After years of not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, in that moment I realized where I had belonged.
As each week frantically flew by, all the studentsí personalities began to show. Some were loud and full of energy, the rest shy with Minnie Mouse voices. Each day I began to see their love of learning progress. Even with the frustration of learning something new, the kids came back each day with smiles on their faces, happy to be in school. Whether I was helping them with speech or teaching them to write, I enjoyed every minute of it. Some days entailed yelling or raising my voice, but I didnít do it to punish them, I did it because I cared. Very early on I began to gain a passion for the kids I was teaching. I soon realized this was more than an after school activity; it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers; by junior year every announced what they wanted to do with their life and proudly wore the tile every chance they got. However, as my junior year was closing in on me, the only thing I did to prepare for my future was dream. I constantly wondered why I couldnít be like everyone else and have everything come so easy for me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks