My teacher said he would teach students the first and the last paragraphs later .. So I am going to post body of my essay .. Please take a look at it and say what you think >> I have set a goal >> 30/30 .. At least I can try my best !!

The question :
What are the characteristics of a good teacher?

The essay goes as follow :

From my point of view, knowledge is a key component which is a vital requirement of a good teacher. One of the primary reasons is that better knowledge, much better results. Moreover, a good teacher must be able to present the knowledge through clear examples. The ability is a key point which which can improve studentís understanding in every subject. However a good teacher always tries to get him/her self updated in related subjects. In this case self motivation should be considered as a positive element for a good teacher.

From the psychology angle, based on such a deep understanding a good teacher should be able to interact with different characteristics among students and parents. Thus, knowledge in psychology would be a positive factor which will help teachers to take merits fond of handling classes, deal with others etc in a sufficient way. The other advantage, a good teacher is able to figure out the best way to get students busy with assignments and make students stay interested in the studies.

Admittedly, methods of teaching can play an important rule to increase the level of education. Good teacher uses modern technology in order to achieve the set goals in the field of study. New methods would make students interested in tough subjects and would encourage them to learn them much better. In an ideal world, schools should try their best to create a positive atmosphere by encouraging teachers to use modern technologies.