My teacher said he would teach students the first and the last paragraphs later .. So I am going to post body of my essay .. Please take a look at it and say what you think >> I have set a goal >> 30/30 .. At least I can try my best !!

The question :
Haste makes waste
. Use specific reasons and examples to support your response.

My essay goes as follow :

The first primary reason that I can think of is reassignment after taking a haste decision. Taking an action without figuring out the conclusions can cause depression. Moreover, the defeat would have mentality effects. The defeat would be disregarded after a long time no matter critical/simple decisions. For instance, an intimate friend of mine planed for a journey to France but before getting a tourist visa he booked a room for 15 days and paid airline ticket. He did not come qualified for the visa and was not able to get his money back. If he had waited for visa first, he was able to save his money!

From the economy angle, the other drawback which cannot be neglected is the expected expenses for taking a haste decision. As a result, going back to drawing board always costs money. On the other hand, compensating for money tends to be available but what about time? Even if you do not believe in them, they are difficult to be ignored. People said quieted: “Time is Gold“which means nothing would be considered as valuable as time. Loosing time and money would be doubled since the person should start from the start point. There are myriad of ways for saving money and time favor of researches and contacting experts in the related fields.