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    expected questions

    Good day,

    I'm new member of this site/forum and I'm happy. I would like to ask from you guys. My korean student will undergo exam and interview for summer enrichment class. What would be the expected questions for the interview. He'll be a new student.


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    Re: expected questions

    Hi ren

    It would be up to the school to decide. In general, though, the purpose of the exam is to assess the student's current level of written English; the interview assesses the student's level of spoken English.

    Interview questions vary, and the topics aren't really all that important. It's the grammar needed to answer the questions that the examiner will be focused on. For example, a question like, "What are your plans for the future?" deals with future constructs (e.g., I plan on; I'm going to; I would like to; I am thinking about, and so on), whereas a question like, "What are the advantages and disadvantages of online courses?" deals with argumentation style (e.g., deductive, inductive reasoning), transitional constructs (e.g., subordinators), and higher level vocabulary (e.g., a lot of money vs expensive), and so on.

    Ren, if you want to help your student with the exams, work on interview questions, make them up--again, the topic is not really all that important. What's important is how the student uses English to answer the questions. Make corrections as you go, explain why this or that error is wrong, and then move on to another question. With that method, your student is sure to feel confident about taking the exams.

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