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    This morning, T nino seemed to be very tired besides I smelled alcohol to his mouth. I asked to Nino that he drunk alcohol. He answered that last night he drunk so many. I was disappointed him because because he got drunk and his voice was tremble. I felt boring and I also sleepy. Anyway, he wasnít good.
    This lunch, we ate Korean iced noodles. It was very delicious so I ate a lot and I was full. Almost our lunch menu is noodles because MRs. Songís favorite food is noodles. Most of Koreans like a noodles and me too.
    In the afternoon, I listened music all day and I wrote lyrics on my notebook. These days, I was listening many English pop songs because I like pop songs for a long time and my favorite singer is Jason Mraz. Also, I can singing many pop songs. Especially, I like singing Jason Mrazís song. But, I think Korean songs better than pop songs only except Jason Mraz songs. Anyway, music is made me cheerful.

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    Re: diary

    This morning, Nino seemed to be very tired. I smelled alcohol on his breath. I asked Nino if he had been drinking. He said that he drank too much the night before. I was disappointed in him because he got drunk. He didn't look good, at all, and because his voice trembled when he spoke, he didn't speak much. With no one to talk to, I felt bored and sleepy.

    At lunch, we ate Korean iced noodles. It was very delicious, so I ate a lot. I was full. We have noodles almost every day because Mrs. Song’s favorite food is noodles. Most Koreans like noodles, including me.

    In the afternoon, I listened to music all day and wrote lyrics in my notebook. Music makes me feel cheerful/It cheers me up. I have been listening to English pop songs lately.
    I can sing many of them too, especially songs by Jason Mraz, my favorite singer, but I prefer Korean songs. They are better than English pop songs, except, of course, for Jason Mraz's songs.

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