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    on the other side

    Hi everybody,

    I know that you can say "on the one hand...on the other hand". But can you also say "on the one side...on the other side"?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: on the other side

    His visit is part of a behind-the-scenes battle that is raging worldwide over reforms in China's labor law. On the one side are Wal-Mart, Google, General Electric (GE) and other global corporations that have been aggressively lobbying to limit new rights for Chinese workers. On the other side are pro-worker-rights forces in China, backed by labor, human rights, and political forces in the US and around the world.

    It is also OK to write this construction more briefly:
    On the one side we have the global corporations, and on the other, the pro-worker-rights forces in China.

    (Note how 'side' can be omitted (if you want) in 'on the other' in the briefer version.)

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