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Thread: past participle

  1. Need your help

    past participle

    Dear Teacher ,

    While wishing your success , please tell me if I can use all past participles as ADJECTIVES .
    For example , can I use all past participle as adjectives .
    What is the difference between the tow phrases as under:

    1- I have met two released prisoners .
    2- I have met two prisoners released .

    In the two following phrases which one of the two Releases can role as an adjective , and what is the difference between them .

    Another question is that can I also use the past participles of the irregular verbs as adjectives .

    Wishing you all the best
    Many cordial appreciation for your kind help in advance
    My Email is :
    [email protected]

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    Re: past participle

    Only (1) is natural, Ali; like most single-word adjectives, -ed particles assume the attributive position: 'a tired man', 'an energized committee', 'a rejected suitor'. There is no reason why irregular forms should be excepted: 'a strung guitar', 'a given proposition'.

    There are probably some (which slip my mind) that are more common or only possible predicatively; and there are certainly a number that cannot be used as adjectives at all: X a 'been' event? X a 'talked' story?

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