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    What "scope shot" means

    Hi people

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    Re: What "scope shot" means

    Welcome to the forums.

    Without knowing the full context, it will be only quesswork. Is it something to do with film or TV?. You need to provide the sentence in which you met this.

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    Re: What "scope shot" means

    Sounds like it means a round photo with a black border around it.

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    Re: What "scope shot" means

    I think this is a reference to a bit of kerfuffle to do with some add-on software, superimposing a grid on a telescopic rifle view of the person/alien/whatever you are going to obliterate in a computer game, which is regarded as 'cheating'.

    'scope shot' is when you take a shot at something with the use of a telescopic viewfinder, mounted on the rifle.

    I'll stand corrected on that one if...

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    Re: What "scope shot" means

    Quote Originally Posted by konungursvia View Post
    Sounds like it means a round photo with a black border around it.
    That might be a good definition of the word "scope shot". Taking scope shots has become very popular these days. Most of the time it's referred to as digi scoping, where people mount a "point and shoot" camera at the back of their scope in order to take a photograph of a bird for instance. In my opinion, there still is a lot of room for improvement in this field. Especially when it comes to sharpness and detail. Most pictures taken with a scope suffer from vignetting which is the black border that you refer to.

    All the best


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