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Thread: example of/for

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    example of/for

    Hi everybody,

    is there a difference between "an example of" and "an example for"?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: example of/for

    In most cases you probably want to use "an example of"

    an example of courage

    the boss made an example of him

    the teacher gave three examples of how to solve differential equations

    how many examples of legendary 60's bands can you think of?

    "An example for" would be used like this:

    Smith wrote down an example FOR Fred to read

    Can you think of an example FOR me?

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    Re: example of/for

    Parents setting an example for their children.

    The behaviour of some pop stars setting a bad example for children.

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    Re: example of/for

    Oh yeah, those too!

    You are an example for us all

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