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    Looking for an English word

    Hi, there!

    I was e-mailing a friend (he is Italian but we instant-message and exchange e-mails in English) and I got stuck on a word I can't translate. It's quite simple actually, but I couldn't find it in any Port-Engl bilingual dictionaries. I'm talking about a sheet of paper or a magnetic card (more common these days) you are given when you enter a nightclub so that the bartender can record what you've had on it and you don't need to pay each time you buy a drink but you settle on leaving the club. There usually is a hefty fine if you lose your card (to avoid people "losing" it when they realize they've run up a massive bill). I'd like to know what they are called in English. I'd appreciate your help.

    Oh: first message on this board!

    P.S.: I'm aware that the title of the thread is a bit vague and probably doesn't help people who might be looking for the same word, but I couldn't think of anything better. Moderators, please fel free to edit it!

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    Re: Looking for an English word

    smart card/stored-value card

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