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    Wording: "she's got a style much her own".

    I am the proud author of the sentence in the title ("she's got a style much her own") which I used to describe a friend's funky way of dressing. But I'm a little unsure about the wording - I did some googling and didn't find the structure "much (one's) own" and now I'm wondering how idiomatic this realy is... What I meant by "much her own" is that her style is very distinguishable and that she doesn't dress like anyone else. The phrase rings a bell to me so I might as well have heard it before but, oh well, I'm insecure! Does this sound awkward and "foreign" to native ears?

    Thanks for your reply!

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    Re: Wording: "she's got a style much her own".

    Lene returns with a yet another classic album in a style much her own.

    In Meatless Days, Suleri quotes people in a style that is uniquely her own; so much her own in fact that she often seems to be feeding her own eloquent words right into the characters mouths.

    He has a style all his own.

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    Re: Wording: "she's got a style much her own".

    Syntax when searching the internet is everything... (it worked with this one: style "much * own").

    Anyway, it's always more reassuring to have someone address your specific doubt...

    Thanks for your help, David L. !

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