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Thread: be charged with

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    be charged with

    Can anyone please tell me the difference between 'be charged with' and 'be accused of'? Please give me a leagal context for illustration.


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    Re: be charged with

    charge someone with something
    1. to place criminal charges against someone. The police charged Max with robbery.
    2. to order someone to do a particular task. The president charged him with organizing the meeting. We charged her with locating new office space.

    accuse someone of something to charge someone with a crime, a violation of rules or instructions, or doing something wrong. Please don't accuse me of forgetting to lock the door.

    So far as I understand it, the main difference between them is that "charge ..." is used when a criminal incident is involved. Accusing someone of something can also refer to a simple mistake, as mentioned in the example "forgetting to lock the door", which of course isn't criminal or against the law.

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