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    Is it just my imagination...

    ...or are we seeing a prime example of speech habit mimicry?

    One thing I noticed during Barack Obama's campaign is his frequent use of "Look" as a means of indicating that he is about to clarify something, provide further evidence to support his position or opinion. It's not that I've never heard it before, far from it. He used/uses it a lot.

    Has anyone else noticed a much higher incidence of this habit? I can't say I have noticed it all that much in general conversation, but it seems to me that television and radio commentators are using it more often.

    Is it a general phenomenon influenced by Mr. Obama, or is it just me noticing it more because of him?

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    Re: Is it just my imagination...

    Use of the word, as a way to call attention to what one is going to say, is quite common. What is less common, is how often we are in the kind of situation where we would use it - hence, the use of the word might seem 'uncommon'. During the campaign, Obama had need to call attention to a lot of issues; and with the issues he continues to have to deal with...

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