Could you correct my text for Friday please? Thank you for your help!

Every life, no matter who is the owner, is built up by several experiences, good and bad ones. No one is like the other: it is the beauty of your world and the only equality which exists on this planet. Every human gets only one chance and should sponge this one off to be fulfilled at the end. Life doesn’t walk, it runs, and we should be very fit to follow it at that rate.
When I think of it, I realize that I have already lived the quarter of my existence. Days go by without I pay attention to them: in my mind, I get the future in front of me and I seem immortal. However, I know that my life doesn’t look like this anymore and that my future will become soon my reality.
For the time being, I would not modify any episode of my past years because they created my present, which I appreciate thanks to its simplicity and its shined character. Every moment I lived before, no matter if they represented joy or sadness in my heart, should keep their actual place in my mind. Through those adventures, I discovered my personality and I developed my talents. The different difficulties which were open to take place in my existence, allowed me to grow up on the moral aspect of my character. In brief, every single period of my life created who I’m today…