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    Unhappy Help me analyze the poem...

    "Neither Yet This Morning Have I Seen You, Nor Now"

    Neither yet this morning have I seen you, nor now.
    I'd swear it's a lost day, except-a tulip tipped its cap
    to the early sun, dew as fresh as the idea of you
    caught up a lacquer on every green urging, at sea
    a ship rose right out of Europe in the frontal tide;
    and over the Mystic Bridge a pair of falcons, higher
    than those iron fields, leapt atop a swelled thermal
    the indescribable joys of dawn's paralax.

    Mazed miracles of kelp, odd bottles fogged
    with mysteries, banquet quantities of sea clams,
    littered the beach after last night's storm.
    If we argue, neither this nor that, neither what
    nor how, will we have such residue, such
    remnant, will love's debris be so graced?

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    Re: Help me analyze the poem...

    Dear Jesus,

    Poetry is filled with complexities and peculiar mental pictures of its creators.
    The poem you have uploaded is no exception; however, trying to be of help, I have rather paraphrased some of the parts. I hope it works, but I strongly recommend you to consult with more competent people about it.

    I have been waiting to see you. I didn’t see you in the morning, and still I can’t see you now. The poet is waiting for someone or something he yearns for.

    I was about to believe that it was an unsuccessful bitter day.


    However, suddenly some extraordinary aspects of nature reveal themselves to him. So, He decides to look at the world around him more attentively and starts to commune with nature, looking out at the sea on which a ship is going on a journey.

    From this point on, the poem develops active imagery most of witch is visual (i.e. the pictures that represent themselves to the eye).

    At the moment the sun is rising, and a flower quite gently turns her head toward it.
    Reminding the poet of his loved one, fresh morning dews clean the grass, making it quiet exciting (urging in literary usage means to excite). Then comes the picture of the falconries which quite freely and boundlessly fly over a column of hot air.

    He is not able to describe the feeling he is going through. Tactile images can also be seen here, when the morning breeze plays up on the poet’s skin, creating a mystical atmosphere around him.

    The second stanza starts with visual images too: The poet is walking along the sea, gazing at the things washed up on the beach: 1. kelps with connecting fronds looking like a maze (search the word” kelp” to see its picture if necessity). 2. Bottles carried to the shore which seem to contain mysterious tails of some unknown people. 3. And large numbers of shellfish all over the shore

    The most important part of the poem lies in the problematic question with which theit comes to an end: One could say that there is something like an extended metaphor in that part. All the things washed up on the shore were as a result of a STORM that happened “last night”. Love is like a storm that wrecks all the ships (human emotions).
    The poet wonders whether a storm of love can be as worthy as the all the mysterious
    things (viz. mazed kelps, fogged bottles, and the shellfish with beautiful patterns) the real storm as a meteorological phenomenon brought about.

    From a psychological perspective, one could say the poem centers around the process of sublimation through which a person tries to direct his unacceptable impulses toward more creative activities.

    There's more to the poem than meets the eye, but this can be a temporary solution till you check it with some other people.

    Good Luck

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    Smile Re: Help me analyze the poem...

    Dear Chester,

    Thanks for your help. The statements that you wrote aboute the poem It really help me understand more.

    Again thank you.

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