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    Wink Help with writting

    Can Someone help me correct my letter

    I would like to make a personal contact within a department I'm interested in. I have written a letter to a professor I know and would appreciate your help. I am eager to know whether the letter has any mistakes.

    This is the letter:

    Dear Prof. ...

    I have finished the required courses for a Ph.D. degree in river and marine hydraulic eng. at the University of Tehran, and I am currently deciding on a thesis subject. Regarding the consultation I received from you, I would like to apply for the Australian endeavor scholarship that is available for the year 2011. Although it may be early for such a request, but as the endeavor scholarship requires a proposal that is relevant to the needs and interests of Australia, I would very much appreciate your help in selecting a thesis subject that can be continued as a research in Australia.

    I am very much interested in conducting the research at the University of .... and it would especially be an honor if I could carry out the research under your supervision. I am writing to know if there exists any such opportunity for me. I have studied a number of your papers and also several theses that have been written with your supervision. I was especially interested in the paper “Boussinesq modelling of transient rip currents” and I’m enthusiastic about working on a similar subject.

    Regarding my training and my interest in subjects related to ocean circulation, I am convinced that if given the chance, I will be able to make a meaningful contribution to your research effort.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Help with writting

    Well I guess I have to find the mistakes on my own, since no one is willing to help.
    Thanks anyway.

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