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    I would like to know when we should use the prepositions of "by" and "on" , here below have some sentences. Pls check are they correct about the preposition. It is because I don't know the definitions of these two prepositions.

    Is that means if I use "by" the meaning is telling us which way we can use or just showing a suggestion. And if I use "on" the meaning is telling us we generally using this preposition for these transports.

    1. That means you are ready for the journey today! Let's get to the city centre "by" airport shuttle bus.

    2. Do I have a second choice ?
    How about going "on" train instead?

    3. It's not that long if we go "by" a bicycle.

    4. I would also like to take a slow rid "on" the tram to check out the buildings in Hong Kong.

    5. Why don't we cross the harbour "by" ferry and go shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui instead?

    6. That would be a long journey.
    Why don't we get to those "by" a taxi ?

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    Re: Preposition

    Hi Winnie-HK-40

    1. ... by airport shuttle bus.

    2. ... on a train

    3. ... by bicycle

    4. ... on the tram

    5. ... by ferry

    6. ... by taxi

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