Geocell/Geogrid, a sort of geosynthetic material, has been applied widely in many fields nowadays, especially for erosion prevention and slope stabilization. The ideal of using these systems in reinforcement of sea dike inner slope susceptible to wave overtopping has been arising recently. According to Comcoast by using these systems it will show potential increase in erosion resistance significantly and it can be apply for old dike system without reconstruction. An experiment on geogrid reinforcement sea dike grass inner slope has been done recently in Netherlands However, no detail information on the failure mechanism was pointed out. Up to the present moment, no specifying experiment on using geocell for the reinforcement of sea dyke inner slope has been done yet. Lack of experience on using geogrid/geocell reinforcement inner dike slope subjected to overtopping are, therefore, apparently. Further more experience model and numerical model for prediction the failure of thes
e systems is not available as well. The methods of installation into an old dike system also need more investigation. Therefore the new experiment needs to be carried out in order to study these reinforced system.
The aim of new experiment model is to (i) study the failure mechanism of the geocell/geogrid and how much these system will improve the reinforce system and is there any relation to their parameters (shape, strength, height ); (ii) Find out proper method to install; (iii) provide reasonable data for the validation of the numerical model; (iv) Compare the behave of geocell and geogrid systems; (v) Empirical formula for prediction the failure if possible