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    Word choice: indicate/name/nominate

    I have to e-mail an American bank on behalf of a client but I'm having a little trouble choosing which of the verbs in the title is more appropriate in this sentence:

    "We have contacted the drawer who confirmed having _______* your bank for this collection in error."

    *I mean that our client chosea bank in the US and instructed us to forward their documents to that bank. Which is the correct verb here? While I was writing the sentence I had a feeling that "indicated", which was my first choice, would be incorrect because I'm more used to it being used in English to mean "suggest". The definitions in the dictionaries for those words are incredibly vague (or am I incredibly hair-splitting?). Anyway, this is important to me and your help will be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Word choice: indicate/name/nominate

    I would use 'nominate', which is 'to formally specify (=identify clearly and definitely) the place' to which the documents were to be forwarded.
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