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    Smile Second hand product description!!

    Hey, I know lots of people are fans of online shopping. It's considerably easy for sellers to brag on their brand new goods but when it comes to the exact description of used(second hand) stuff, I am totally at a loss.

    Since I am going to give a presentation on the promotion skills of selling used goods, I sincerely hope you could give me some suggestions on the product description part(done a lot of research on Ebay's ads already)

    What kind of words would people use to evaluate the condition of second hand commodities, corresponding to their wear-and-tear?

    e.g. In terms of clothing, can I say: fairly new shirts, Vintage Victorian shirts never worn, slightly scuffed sandals?

    What if when we talk about used cars?

    I heard there's a term called depreciation rate in the field of real estate, dealing with the decrease in value of assets, so is there any similar word usage that can be applied when we assess the value of other second hand stuff as mentioned? Maybe on a scale of perfect new to worn out?

    Sorry for my wordy question and looking forward for your kind replies!

    Millions of thanks in advance,

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    Re: Second hand product description!!

    With second hand clothes, the important things for the purchaser are that the clothes are clean, have no tears or splits, and are fit for immediate use.

    With shoes, scuffing can be covered over with polish - and if there are only minor scuffs a vendor will be wise to take that action before selling. I would never buy secondhand shoes on the net.

    In all cases items must match the descriptions.

    Cars - look at car dealer advertisements for how they express description. None usually would expect a second-hand car to be pristine.

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