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Thread: Ask for help

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    Ask for help

    Will anyone please help me explain the following sentences?

    Lose-Win is weak. It's easy to get stepped on. It's easy to be the nice guy. It's easy to give in, all in the mame of being a peacemaker.

    If you adopt Lose Win as your basic attitude toward life, then people will wipe their dirty feet on you.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Ask for help

    lose-win is a strategy of conflict resolution, also win-win, win-lose etc.

    According conflict resolution, accommodation results in meeting another person's goal, which might be appropriate when the goal is more important than winning, the other person is more powerful, or when a person is wrong.

    Your paragraph, however, shows the negative side effects of a lose-win situation, that is, when a person always gives in, and in doing so, denies their own needs, others may take advantage of them.


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