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    English as a second Language

    Hi, this is a great website .

    I have a brother who decided to start learning English, people have a tendency to believe that only children have the best skills to learn a new language and that old fellows will have too much difficult in trying to learn a
    different language than the native language .

    I am trying to help him to get rid of this myth, and wonder whether you have
    some tips on telling him how he must trying to start studying on his own, I mean which formula he must starting, because people say that he must
    studing heavy stuff of grammar before thinking in using the day to day informal language.

    Thank you for your help and have a great day !

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    Re: English as a second Language

    The most important motive is having a reason to learn the language {new girlfriend is a good one; new possibilities for a career].

    Some grammar is always essential, but sometimes students do end up in the most awful tangles of niceties which are really only of interest to the most academic minds. I would go the other way and say learn as much as he can of the everyday language before starting to concern himself about detail.

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