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    howto use this word "in this regard"

    I constantly saw "in this regard", could anyone tell me how to use it properly?

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    Re: howto use this word "in this regard"

    in reference to, concerning, related to ...

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    Re: howto use this word "in this regard"

    I am sorry, but I don't concur. It seems to me that the proposed choice is not quite accurate and would probably replace "regarding sth" with no problems. Yet, more appropriate alternatives to "In this regard" would be "In this sense", "In this aspect", "Respecting this" or something of the sort.

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    Re: howto use this word "in this regard"

    Personally I prefer correspondence short and to the point. Fluff just takes up time and space. How would you replace "in regards" with "respecting this"? I think it does not replace the original. It may have been used in business correspondence a while back. But nowadays?

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    Re: howto use this word "in this regard"

    The question was about "in this regard" which you use when you refer to a specific aspect, probably mentioned in the previous sentence. What you suggested will always need some clarifying afterwards:

    In reference to sth, concerning sth, etc.


    Several aspects should be considered, especially the economy. In this regard, blah. or Respecting this, blah.

    With your suggestions, even when use is appropriate, the entire structure need be changed, as in "Concerning the economy, blah" which should probably be left for one of the next paragraphs where you discuss many possible aspects, otherwise, it could be repetitive and/or redundant, as it needs reference to the original subject, whereas "in this regard" doesn't. To me it's not a matter of right and wrong, but of style, if you will.

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    Re: howto use this word "in this regard"

    Don't use it. Don't use any substitutes. If it's at the end of your sentence, you can probably just drop it and end the sentence without it. If that doesn't work, rewrite your sentence. There will always be a way construct lean and economical sentences - without the use of "in this regard" and its ilk.
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    Re: howto use this word "in this regard"


    Note not a teacher,

    I didn't know that but I've just looked it up in dictionary.

    In this/that regard
    FORMAL : in this particular way.
    Examples :
    A sub-contractor may not be able to satisfy the buyer in this regard .
    Do others use denigrating language in this regard ?
    In this regard , the teacher will know the pupils who need more help.

    Ps. I'll back with better examples of usage .
    I think that is a good example :
    . In this regard , the following requirements of the Short Courses are seen to be of positive value: Firstly, the assessment will be ungraded. There will be no "order of merit". Pupils will simply achieve the learning outcomes or not. Secondly, in the attainment of each learning outcome pupils must be informed of the tasks which contribute to summative assessment. This removes the unknown element as in, for instance, an external exam. Thirdly, normal classroom activities will provide the evidence for the greater part of assessment . In this regard , the teacher will know the pupils who need more help, and, as in all classes, will be in a position to give them any extra help needed in order to achieve the learning outcomes.
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    Re: howto use this word "in this regard"

    "in this regard' means 'in connection with the point previously mentioned'

    "With the recent robberies at the store, it is apparent this has become a dangerous neighbourhood. In this regard, I am requesting that a security guard be employed for the protection of employees and customers."

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