Well I think that LCC International University would be a perfect study facility for me to study in. I think that way, because LCC has a perfect atmosphere with many foreigners. Due to this fact it is possible for me to upgrade my English, which will be very important in my future life for I am going to work in English speaking countries. In my opinion due to the fact that LCC is an International University, it is very interesting to learn business management in such facility because it has many contacts all over the world. Why did I choose business management? Well from my birth I liked to consulate. Then when I first go to school I was very excited when I got my first math lesson. Since then I made my decision that my future profession will be associated with mathematics. So in my opinion LCC is that University which will help me to continue my studies and to broaden them with many foreign students. I think that if I will learn to communicate with student from other countries I will have no problems in communication with other countries societies if I want for example keep my ratings of my future company.
In conclusion I would like to say that I love English and I would be glad to study on it as far as I can get.