A Storm to be Remembered

paragraph 1. In the month of October, not like any other day, it was windy, but clear outside. It started thundering and raining. It got really dark outside, and the clouds began moving. Streaks of lightning were reflected in the windows, and I could hear the loud noise of a tree breaking outside. The wind was whirling and making a loud noise. The wind started blowing even harder; this was a storm to never be forgotten.

paragraph 2. It was five o'clock at night, and I was watching TV with my mom and sisters. Then the electricity went out. It was so dark in the house; I couldn't see anything. We used flashlights to get around the small crowded house. My mom suggested we all go in the clammy basement, but we decided that wasn't a good idea, since we couldn't hear as well if we went down there. When I looked outside it was dark and gloomy. The clouds appeared black and gray. It was raining very hard; I could hear rain drops hit the windows. The noise was so loud it sounded like someone was taping the outside of the windows. Then I saw lightning and blue flashes that kept showing on the windows.

paragraph 3. All of us were quiet and calm except my sister. She was scared of the lightning. She was so frightened; she jumped on the couch and put her hands over her ears. Suddenly, there was a knock on our door. We opened the door quickly, a fireman was standing there. The fireman was a tall muscular dark-haired guy. That was a little bit under 6 ft. He came to report the fire that was outside of our house. The fireman asked us if we had anywhere to stay for the night, since it was unsafe. We said no. We couldn't call anyone because the phone wasn't even working. Then he say said, “Ok”, and ran quickly down the stairs, and went to the next house. He got in the fire truck, put on the sirens and proceeded to take off. It was a very shocking scene; the power line which was above several trees in front of our house was on fire. Sparks of fire were running through the power line, and obscure smoke was in the air.

paragraph 4. Later, my brother showed up at the house. He told us he called several of times, but no one had answered. After my brother seen how the storm effected us, he drove us to McDonald’s to get hot tasty value meals and cold drinks in his classic red Pontiac. Since we had not eaten anything that night, we were starving. Next we went to stay at my brother's apartment until the storm was over. He took us to the store to buy some blankets and pillows. He had just moved in his house, so he didn't have too much linen. During the time that we stayed at my brother's, we watched the local news. In addition, we watched movies, ate popcorn, and talked to each other all night. My mom decided to go next door and play bingo with her friend, since she really didn't care to watch movies or play any of the games. We played the board games for about a couple more hours then went to sleep. I'm glad we had somewhere to go during the storm, which I prefer any day than staying home in a dark house. On the following morning, we awoke and had a simple breakfast at my brother's house. I cooked pancakes and made some fresh brewed coffee, since my brother had a long day at work and was up all night with us. We got our things packed for our return home.

paragraph 5. When we arrived at our house, the neighborhood was a disaster; there were trees and branches everywhere. In front of our house was the huge tree that had fallen. The street was full of clutter, it looked as if piles of rubbish was everywhere. The power line was hanging down in the street. The tree branches were on the sidewalks and in the streets, it was very hard for cars and people to pass through. The neighbor that lives next door was so bothered she called the city because her son rides the yellow bus and the bus had to pick him up in another location. Subsequently, we waited two hours for Consumers Energy to arrive. Thankfully, we had flashlights to use to see around the house. All our food had spoiled in the house since the fridge was not working properly, because the electricity was out. My brother took us to get groceries immediately, since my mom was disappointed and angry because she had just bought groceries.

paragraph 6. Afterwards, he sat down with us for an hour. We talked and watched some TV. We continued watching the local news to make sure we were informed of anything new. In the meantime, my brother helped us with the house cleaning and picked up some rubbish that were in the yard. After that, he said goodbye to everyone and left. Me, my mom, and sisters looked at each other thinking: even though we were in a bad storm we were happy that we all were together safe.

paragraph 7. Finally, everything was back to normal. The sun was gleaming, the weather was hot and everyone was enjoying it. All was silent and relaxed, all one could hear was cars passing by. The power was back on and everything was working properly again. Eventually, the landlord removed the massive tree that had fallen. Consumer’s Energy came to restore the power line that had collapsed in the street. The school buses and cars were able to pass by without any hindrance; the neighbor's son was able to get on the bus safely. This was the most memorable time in our lives, and I am sure we will not forget it. Thanks to my brother for being very supportive and helping us during the storm; we were able to recover from the storm. Even though the neighboor always worries about everyone, we have to learn to admire that because she was the one who called for help. It just shows when family and friends come together, anything can be accomplish even through the storm.