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    to learn a new language

    Please help me to write it in better English ..

    It Can be quite difficult to learn a new language, what do you think are the most difficult aspects of a new language? Give reasons and examples …
    As I was flipping through magazine the other day, I came across an article on learning a foreign language and how to deal with its major difficulties. I drew this conclusion based on strong grand. For instance, Learning new grammatical points and sentence structures, memorizing new vocabularies and idiom are the facts that I will try to demonstrate as follows .61W
    From my point of view, grammar and sentence structure are the most difficult aspects of learning a new language. Different languages follow up different paths and rules. Therefore, for new learners it might be quite difficult to change the fashion which they have got used in their own language. Based on the latest survey conducted by University of Tehran (UT), past tense and future tense have always been difficult for Iranian students. The survey mentioned asserted” the reason behind, is the much difference between the rules of making sentences in past and future in Persian and English.”. 98W
    On the other hand, vocabulary plays an important role in every language that cannot be neglected. Learners should take vocabulary in consideration because vocabulary is the only way that speakers can speak! However, Majority of learners have difficulty in recognizing different usage of a word in sentences such as: a noun, a verb or differences between an adjective and an adverb. This is the time that they feel they should take some actions to overcome this problem. Also, learners might face with a word which does not have any specific meaning in their mother thong language. 96W
    Idioms and expressions are another part of a language which teachers say students should learn them to make the language showy and attractive to others. As far as I am concerned, idioms and expressions are derived from culture of every nation which requires foreigners (students) put a lot of efforts into learning both culture and idioms. Therefore, they tend to avoid learning the hardest part of a language. For instance, in different occasions idioms and expressions might have different meaning which makes it much harder to learn and use them in future. 81 W
    To sum up, according to the above-mentioned reasons, I strongly believe that although learning a new language always seems tough but is an advantage for everyone and should be a positive factor for employees to find a better position in the future. This is why I do not only study English, but also I speak French.50 W

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    Re: to learn a new language

    First study the phonetics, its sounds. Then, listen and study the culture as you learn the vocabulary and grammar. The rest will follow, if you live among the people and make social relationships with them.

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    Smile Re: to learn a new language

    Well, firstly I have to say that writing is difficult in some aspects. What I can perceive form yours is that: 1.You have alot of ideas and they're great, but you need to organize them.
    I know you know the order of all the stories: 1.An introduction, 2.A body and 3.a conclusion. So this is what your writing needs. In an introduction you should have your topic sentence (what the paragraph, in general, is talking about) and you may mention what aspects you're talking about in the body of your writing. In the body you develop the points you have mentioned in the intro. Finally, in the conclusion you make a summary and a last opinion about your writing.
    Take into account the connectors and punctuation.
    See you!

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