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    One Ex-Bull

    Please, I need help to understand this expression in the following :

    ... - "I'm not selling the calf this year, not to you or anybody else," Rachel said abruptly, forced to come out from behind the currant bushes, her annoyance rising in a hot flush in her face. "So get about your business."
    - "Oh, so that's that, is it ? Retiring, I s'pose, and living on what's in the old stocking, like Griffiths Ty Sych. Or better still, rearing the old calf to be a bull ! Rachel Evans, Pant y Brill. One-Ex Bull !"
    And Teimoth laughed in his most jeering way at his own joke.
    "You old blockhead ! It's a heifer calf th cow's got this year again, as usual. And I'm going to keep her because her mother's getting old"....

    Thanks to you !

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    Re: One Ex-Bull

    The bull calf has been or will be castrated.

    However, as the calf is a female, the joke is on Teimoth.

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