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Thread: plz help

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    Unhappy plz help

    im looking for definitions of these terms:

    fixed phrases
    cliche stereotypes

    thx alot!

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    Re: plz help

    The internet is a mine of information for those who care to get dirty digging:

    phaticism - is the countable noun for the adjective phatic:

    fixed phrase - is one kind of collocation (associated group of words):

    frozen - a frozen or stereotyped form is a (usually) phrase or short expression which has maintained its form while its literal meaning has weakened: 'one may discern various levels of linguistic activity. Originally, the Christian confessions of faith were essentially expressive acts; but the exclamations eventually crystallised into formulas which had the same locutionary force (since the facts referred to did not change), but which at the illocutionary level were given the shape of informative representations. The confessions subsequently came to be adopted as doctrinal propositions, which acquired a declarative, normative, or even polemical value, frozen at one stage of their historic evolution, and handed down to later generations in this stereotyped form.'

    catch - does this mean 'catch phrase'? -

    cliche stereotypes - somewhat redundant, but the phrase is a reinforcement of the meanings of each of its components: 'cliche' (noun 1,2-- ) plus 'stereotype' (noun 1--

    aphorism -


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