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Thread: been / gone

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    been / gone

    Hello everyone,

    would please correct the following sentences? I have to use been or gone.
    Could you please explain me, when I have to use "been" and when "gone"?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Iíve gone to most countries in Europe, but Iíve never gone to Russia.

    2. Is Annie in her bedroom? No. Sheís gone to work.

    3. (Sign outside a shop) ďGone to lunch. Back soon.

    4. Sorry Iím late. Iíve been stuck in a traffic jam for an hour!

    5. You look very brown! Have you been on holiday?

    6. Can I speak to Mr Thompson, please? Iím afraid heís just gone out of the office.

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    Re: been / gone

    'Be' is a stative verb: it indicates position or condition. 'Go' is an active verb: it indicates movement.

    All of your sentences are right, but (1) is not the usual choice, when we are asking if someone has experienced a country. 'Been' is the expected word choice here.


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