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    Question punctuation confusing

    1. How to differentiate "afraid", "scared", and "frightened"?
    2. Is my way to put coma (,) and question mark (?) above correct?
      He said, "I will do it right now."
      Mom asked me, "Where can I buy "Diary of Anne Frank", "Washington Post"?


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    Re: punctuation confusing

    In Canadian and American English, commas and periods ALWAYS are placed within the closing quotation marks. This custom came to be because the American language was developed AFTER the printing press, and it simply looks neater, when printed, especially with non-proportional type.

    In British English, the commas and full stops are almost always AFTER the inverted commas. Their style evolved from the days before commas and full stops were even invented! So, it depends on your audience.

    The Brits also tend to put a comma before the "and" as well.

    1. How does one differentiate "afraid", "scared", and "frightened"? is British

    1. How do you differentiate "afraid," "scared" and "frightened"? is American.

    There are exceptions, when following the national trend would lead to confusion. For example, if I wanted you to press the "C" on your keyboard, even in America I would type: Press the key marked "C".

    And in Britain I believe it is also customary (and undeniably correct) to leave the full stop inside the quotation if it was part of the original quote. He said, "Let's go to dinner."

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