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    Unhappy School subjects - Technology Education?


    I see that in the British National Curriculum one can find "Design Technology" and I understand that students, besides a theoretical approach to various types of technological processes, put what they have learnt into practice, designing objects themselves - is that correct?
    Now, in our schools in Romania students only learn about technologies on a theoretical level without implementing their knowledge into practice.
    I have to make a short presentation of my school in English - a secondary school - and don't really know what word I should use in relation to the school subject taught in our school.
    Tonbridge Grammar School - Subjects
    one can find both Design Technology and Technology.

    Could I simply use TECHNOLOGY (I see that some schools - not many, though - use it in describing their syllabus), or TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION?
    I found Educational Technology too but I'm not quite sure what it really means
    It's quite hard to find English equivalents to describe school subjects specific to our educational system

    Thank you,

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    Re: School subjects - Technology Education?

    Just 'technology' is too vague IMO, so I'd say 'Design Technology' or maybe add 'and': 'Design and Technology'.

    Educational technology is different- it's the technology used in to assist the learning process and could be for any subject.

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