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    Cool Can anyone help me to make me a new letter format =)

    Hello everyone, nice to meet you all.
    The purpose I writhing here is to kindly request help form you all.
    My sir had ask us for creating a new letter format other than the old one for all members.
    The old format like this:

    Your address

    School address----------------------------------------------- Date

    Dear Sir,

    Re: Reason for late/not Performing Duty/did not Attend The Activity

    With reference to the statement above, to be inform that I (your name), (your class), did not perform my duty which was held on (date & time).

    2. (Your reason)

    3. I would like to apologize for not performing my duty. I hope that dear sir/madam can forgive me for my inconveniences.

    Thank you.

    Yours truthfully, --------------------------------------Approved by,
    (Your signature)------------------------------------- (one who may
    ------------------------------------------------------proof that your
    ------------------------------------------------------reason are true-
    ----------------------------------------------must be teacher or parent)

    This is the old format we are using. My sir wants a brand new one, and make sure can be used commonly and the grammer are correct. The green one is the most need to be changed.
    Your reply are kindly appreciated. Thank you.
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