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    Need your help with writing request permission letter to Hewlett-Packard

    Hello Everyone

    Could I ask you guys / girls to help me to write request letter to Hewlett-Packard please?

    First of all let me explain why I want to write this letter OK; so I would like to create training manual for users on how to use one of the Hewlett-Packard software. Both this tool and training are really expensive and there is barely anything on the internet on how to use this tool therefore I though it would be nice to create this kind of tutorial and upload it on internet. It might be really useful for many people.

    Unfortunately the main problem I got is that HP is a Trading Market company so in that case I think before I star working on anything I would need to get promission form them and this is where I got the problem :( I don’t know how to write that official letter. Do you think anyone can help me??

    The main points I would like to mention in this letter would be:

    • Request to use their software for this video training
    • That my tutorial will be distributed and therefore they will have free marketing (might change their point of view after this point and let me do it)
    • Any other nice think I forgot

    Note: Please don’t understand this post as I want someone to do the job for me it’s not the case OK but I am really crap with these kind of thinks. I am keen to work with the person that would help me!!!

    Thank you very much in advance for any help.



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    Re: Need your help with writing request permission letter to Hewlett-Packard

    OK so this is what I got at the moment. Any comment welcome

    Dear Copyright holder

    I am writing to ask your permission to use the 30 days trial version of __________ for my DVD video tutorial which I am planning to create and distribute as education training to potential HP users. I would like to received permission from you to perform the following (check all that apply)

    _____ digitize
    _____ incorporate into
    _____ DVD course materials
    _____ Online course materials
    _____ A website publication

    The material will be distributed / published as follows:

    Purpose: [educational, none profitable]

    Format: DVD Video Tutorial

    For Copyright information

    I would like to inform you that this DVD Video Tutorial might bring potential advantages for your company example:

    Potential Quality Center customer/buyers
    Potential customers for more advance training
    Free advertising

    A copyright notice, with wording supplied by you can be published alongside the DVD Tutorial. If you would like this, please send full details.


    My Name and Surname

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